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Welcome to VAce Professional Services (VAcePro), a consulting firm that offers a variety of data and project management solutions either through custom built applications or through existing cloud SaaS software solutions.  

VAcePro specializes is in the art of solving critical IT problems by understanding relations, patterns and principles within the cloud-based environment. Simplicity and efficiency are key objectives which are achieved by improving processes and workflows. 


Our focus - Chaos Elimination

We work to organize, automate and regulate your processes by ensuring that you have the right tool in hand.

First we review your current setup and based on your needs, wants and desires we will either suggest an already built out SaaS application or depending on budget, create your own database


Once an application design has been approved, we will begin by cleaning and preparing your existing data followed by coding, automating or integrating of your new system.


Before deployment can begin, thorough testing of your system will occur.
All changes will be implemented and tested once again. Data integrity will also be verified during this stage.


After "go-live", there will be changes and updates to your existing process. Not only changes from the original project but also ongoing throughout the years as your business evolves.


Behind the Scenes

Having had the experience to be the one to keep, organize and update data, I fully understand your pain points.
Nathalie Collins

Founder & CEO

Nathalie Collins

Data Business Management


Support Benefactor

Nathalie Collins

SaaS Application Implementer


SaaS Applications

Often times, especially when the budget isn't there, a ready built SaaS application makes the most sense.

While the list of available options are too many to list, here are some of the more common ones.

Teamwork is a great option for those interested in collaboration with checklists, budget, time management and more.  

Of all SaaS application, Teamwork is the easiest one to learn.  


Airtable is a great option for those interested in a bit of flexibility or require some modifications to the traditional out of the box solutions.  

It’s a relational database that is relatively easy to pick up and learn.



Smartsheet is like a spreadsheet on steroids with greater regard to simplicity, automation and security. 

Excellent option for large companies or anyone that requires workflows and more precise permissions.   




We can’t forget our trusted spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets continue to be very powerful which we sometimes forget.  

You might find a quick spruce up of sheets, might be all that you need to make things run more efficiently.  


Pricing Plans

Pricing is based on a per Just as each project is independent so are our prices.
However, we do understand that you would like a base line to work with.


Per Hour



Per Hour



Per Hour


Out of the Mouth of


Why VAcePro?

Here is what we bring to the table.

Our goal is to work with you to get you to a point where things are simpler and more automated if at all possible.  


Our biggest pride is in the finished product.  We work diligently until things are just right.  There’s no compromise on quality.  

Skills &

Between my corporate years and this business, I bring well over 30 years of data management experience.  

Documentation &

Transparency is important to us.  Not only as a means of keeping you informed but also as a means of communication.  


Deadlines are important to us.   We will adhere to any strict deadlines you have in place.  


We believe in customer satisfaction which shows when our clients return to get other projects completed.  

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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